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6 Fun Things to Do This Labor Day

6 Fun Things to Do This Labor Day

Labor Day weekend has snuck up on us once again! If you are like most of us, you may not have planned anything ahead of time. (C’mon who has time for planning, right?) Once Labor Day has passed it feels like summer slips away past the horizon and pumpkin spiced everything and Halloween decor starts hitting the shelves of Target and every other store. What better time than now to do your last summer bidding?! Check out these last minute Labor Day ideas that can be thrown together without much planning. (Perfect for us procrastinators ;) ) 

Local Events

Check your local government website for a list of events going on in celebration of not having to go to work! (Well maybe not all of us, but those of us who are lucky ;) ) Most cities and towns will have some sort of festivity organized that can get you out of the house and into the community such as outdoor concerts, farmers markets, and sporting events.

“Cannon Ball!”

If you're fortunate enough to own a pool, why not hold a last minute pool party?! Let's be real, when you have a pool, you don’t need much else to have a great time! Just have those who attend pitch in by bringing an item! If you’re not fortunate enough to own a pool, check your local parks and recreation centers. Some water parks and even hotels will be throwing special events!

Get Yo’ Sizzle On

Get your grill on and throw a killer cookout. Everyone loves a good summer BBQ and they don’t require much planning. Grab some burgers and hot dogs and have your guests pitch in any sides! Combine with a pool party for the perfect last minute Labor Day celebration! Need some inspiration? Here’s a list of awesome recipes that make the perfect dish for any summer cookout!

Shop Til’ You Drop

Labor Day marks an unofficial end of the summer season for retailers in transition to Fall. Retailers will be clearing out old stock to make room for the next season, so that means a perfect time to grab a bargain on Labor Day sales! Make sure to check out both online sales and in-store! And of course, don’t forget to grab our Labor Day sale - 60% off all spin brushes using the code LABORDAY60 at the checkout!

Fix your Travel Bug

Did someone say... road trip? Pack your bags and take a quick day trip or overnight stay somewhere within driving distance. Sometimes just a sneaky getaway to a nearby lake, national park, or tourist destination can do just the trick to bite back your travel bug! Make sure to bring your travel essentials with you!

Get Crafty

If you’re super eager for Fall to get started, why not make some Fall crafts to get your Fall home décor prepared. Here are a three super quick, cheap, and easy to do craft ideas that can be done by even the most novice of crafters.

1. 50 Cheap and Easy DIY Fall Wreaths
2. Fall Mason Jar Crafts
3. Wine Cork Pumpkins

Even if you end up with a ‘Pinterest Fail,’ the cork craft makes for a good reason to drink wine with friends!

Do you have any Labor Day ideas? Be sure to share them in the comments below! 

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