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Dye Job Hacks: 3 Tips To Extend Your New Hair Color

Dye Job Hacks: 3 Tips To Extend Your New Hair Color

I am a hair color chameleon and I live for those colors that don’t occur naturally in nature. My go-to color is some shade of violet or my new favorite, turquoise! Turquoise is a very trendy color right now and it looks fantastic on most skin tones. Depending on my mood, I have a very bright shade or a more pastel version of the same (achieved by mixing the color with white conditioner).


If you’re like me, you know unnatural hair color doesn’t last as long as we wish it would and it’s a pretty expensive thing to upkeep. Luckily for you, I’m frugal (or financially savvy, whatever term you prefer) and I’ve discovered some great ways to stretch out the color just a little bit longer.


Cold water is your best friend.

As scary as this sounds, cold water is your very best bet when it comes to prolonging your gorgeous hair color. But that doesn’t mean you have to endure icy showers! I’ve tried to have cold showers, but no matter how long I stand there and mutter under my breath about how great my hair will look… I just can’t learn to like them.


So… I wash my hair in my kitchen sink. I only shampoo twice a week to keep my hair vibrant and use a conditioner meant for color treated hair. I rinse my hair with icy water, but that’s only because I’ve developed a tolerance for it. If you find you’re suffering from brain freeze, try increasing the temperature bit by bit until it’s a manageable level and then gradually decrease it – the key is to use cool water, but not at the risk of giving yourself a headache!


Cheat a little – add some dye to your conditioner.

This is my favorite trick, but it really depends on the kind of dye you’re using. If you’re using a box dye from the drug store, definitely don’t do this – saving leftover dye is a big no-no. However, if you’re using a semi-permanent dye like Manic Panic (like me), you can easily add a bit to a bottle of white conditioner. Don’t forget to label that bottle! There is nothing worse than using the wrong conditioner on freshly dyed hair – ask me how I know this…


This trick is great because it’s a cheap, easy way to refresh your color. Bonus trick for the blondes out there – you can make your own toning conditioner this way too. Grab a bottle of white conditioner and a container of Manic Panic Ultraviolet dye (this color only; the other purples in this line have pink/red undertones and won’t create as cool a tone as the Ultraviolet) and a plastic bowl. Depending on your hair length, add your normal amount of hair conditioner to the bowl and the tiniest amount of dye. There’s not even a true measurement of it – just add enough to create a very slight purple tint. You can add more conditioner or more dye to get the right shade. Spread the conditioner on your hair, wait about 20 minutes (but check often) and rinse off – the brassiness in your hair will be gone, for a fraction of the price of purple shampoo. Pro tip: Don’t leave it too long or add too much purple, or you’ll notice a slight purple tinge to your blonde. But that’s not really a bad thing, right? Pastel colors are SO trendy right now.


Why does it work? Purple is directly opposite yellow on the hair color wheel and will neutralize the yellow tones in brassy hair.


Use heat styling products responsibly.

I’m not going to stand here and tell you not to use heat products because that would make me a hypocrite. I blow dry my hair every single time I wash it, because I can’t stand the feeling of water dripping down my back. Just be responsible about it.


It’s important to use a good leave in treatment or heat protectant. One of my favorites is Aphogee Keratin and Green Tea Restructurizer. It helps reduce breakage and split ends and its active ingredients use the heat from your styling products to bond to the shafts of your hair. As an added bonus, it helps protect your hair color.


If you blow dry your hair, try to use the lowest heat setting possible. Most hair dryers have a cool temperature setting and although it takes longer to dry, it’s the best option for your hair. If your hair is thick, you can quickly blast your roots with hot air, but use the cool setting as much as possible.


It’s the same idea if you straighten your hair – just because there’s an option for 430*F doesn’t mean you should use it! Fancii’s Satin Salon Pro Ceramic Hair Straightener is a great tool to have in your styling arsenal – it has a digital screen that tells you exactly how hot your straightener is and the advanced ceramic tourmaline plates allow for even heat distribution to prevent you from frying your glorious mane!


It may not seem like rocket science, but these three tips have saved my brightly colored hair. I used to have to touch up my hair every week, but now I recolor every 4 weeks or so. Some hair colors, like red, will fade a lot faster than other colors, but these tricks will help you stretch out the color as long as possible!


What are some hair color hacks you’ve discovered? Drop us a comment below and share your knowledge!

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