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ProPower Jumbo LED Lighted Magnifying Glass - 2X 4X 10X

$ 17.99

The jumbo 5.5” magnifying lens adjusts from 2X, 4X to...

LED Lighted 2X Rectangular Reading Magnifier

$ 13.99

A MUST HAVE FOR Seniors, People with Low Vision and Macular...


ProPower 3-Pc LED Magnifying Glass Set - 2X 3.5X 10X

$ 25.99

A MUST HAVE FOR Seniors, Low Vision, Macular Degeneration, Coin and...


ProPower Extra Large LED Lighted Magnifying Glass - 2X 3.5X

$ 15.99

This product is a must have for seniors, people with...


LED Illuminated 30X High Power Triplet Jewelers Loupe

$ 29.99

A POWERFUL TRIPLET LOUPE The large 3 elements glass lens...

LED Lighted Hands Free Head Magnifying Visor - 1 to 3.5X

$ 29.99

PROFESSIONAL MAGNIFYING EYEWEAR A premium adjustable head worn magnifier eyeglasses...


ProPower 2-Pc LED Magnifying Glass Set - 3X 5X High Power

$ 20.99

This is the perfect lens for any task – Whether...


LED Lighted 3X 10X Mini Magnifier with 15X Jewelers Loupe

$ 15.99

LED LIGHTED MINI MAGNIFIER  Made with clear optical lenses suitable...


LED Lighted Helping Hands Workstation with Magnifier - 2X 4X

$ 26.99

PERFECT FOR Hobbyists and professionals such as welders, electricians, and computer...