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Aura - Vanity Mirror with 3 Light Settings -

Aura - Vanity Mirror with 3 Light Settings

$ 47.99

Say hello to a new standard of lighted vanity mirror. The Aura vanity mirror has 3 built-in environment color options. In other words, its unique ability to mimic different lighting scenarios means you’ll never leave the house wondering what your makeup looks like in a different environment. Choose between 3 different light settings – warm, cool, and natural. With lighting that mimics different settings, you’ll be ready to look your very best no matter the environment or occasion!

Adjustable Light Settings
Choose from soft warm, neutral white, and natural daylight. These 3 dimmable light settings simulate day, evening, and home, so you can feel confident wherever you are.

Exceptional Clarity
Large, distortion-free glass with 1x and 15x dual magnification - 1x normal view is ideal for makeup application while the detachable 15x magnifying mirror is perfect for close-up work and tweezing

Maximum Adjustability
180-degree swivel provides both horizontal and vertical rotation for optimum use at any angle, so you can look your very best!

Travel Ready
Power with the included USB cable or go cord free with 4 AA batteries, making it the perfect travel companion for any woman.

Cosmetic Stand
Our stylish, modern mirror with chrome trim measures 12.5” tall and 7” wide so it stands elegantly on any table or countertop. The storage base holds small makeup accessories and jewelry.

  1. Ensure the USB plus is attached to the mirror and plugged into a reliable power source (such as a computer or USB adapter). 4AA Batteries (not included) may also be used instead. When a USB power source is connected, installed batteries will not be used.
  2. Push the power saving button on the back of the mirror.
  3. Turn the LED light on by tapping the main power button on the front of the mirror
  4. The LED light can be operated in three color temperatures
    • Touch the power button once for warm white light
    • Touch the power button twice for neutral white light
    • Touch the power button three times for nautral day light
    • Note: Touching the power button a fourth time will turn off the light. Alternatively, the light will automatically turn off after 30 minutes.

    Note: The light is dimmable in every setting. Holding down the power button will cause the light to dim or brighten. Push the power saving button on the back of th mirror when not in use to conserve power.
What is the button on the back used for?
This button is the power saving button which helps conserve power when the mirror is not in use.

How long does the LED light last?
Unlike traditional bulbs, our long-lasting LED lightbulbs won’t burn out or diminish, up to 20,000 hours of use.

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