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ProPower 2-PC LED Magnifying Glass Set - 3X 5X

ProPower 2-PC LED Magnifying Glass Set - 3X 5X

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This is the perfect lens for any task – Whether you are working up close with your favorite hobby or completing tasks where precision matters. The two-piece magnifying glass set offers both 3X and 5X magnification through a simple 2-button release system allowing you to alternate between the lenses. LED lights last up to 1000,000 hours. 


Seniors, Low Vision and Macular Degeneration, Avid Book Readers, Coin and Stamp Collectors, Hobbyists, Handicrafters, Professionals, and More!


The ProPower-2S LED magnifying glass set is the absolute best for reading fine print in books, for close-up work with your favorite hobby, or for completing tasks where precision matters. Our customers RAVE about its bright LEDs, comfortable ergonomic handle, and lightweight composite construction. You will be amazed at how useful this magnifying glass is - not just for reading, but for a variety of other applications!


Our interchangeable magnifying glass set comes with 2 clear optical lenses. Switching to a different lens is easy: just press the two side buttons to release the current lens from the handle and snap a new one in place!  It's lightweight, portable and durable enough to take with you wherever you go.


With your new magnifier set, you'll be able to see fine details even when it's pitch dark - whether you are sitting at home, outside, or at work! The magnifier handle is equipped with two energy-efficient LED lights that run on three AAA batteries and can last for many hours. 



    1. Two progressively stronger magnifying lenses: 3X and 5X

    2. Alternate between the lenses with ease using a simple 2-button release system

    3. Comfortable ergonomic handle with rubber padding

    4. Ultra clear acrylic lenses 

    5. 2 energy-efficient LED lights lasts up to 100,000 Hours

    6. Powered by 3 x AAA Batteries (not included) 

    7. Easy one-button switch to turn light ON or OFF

    8. Long battery life



    1. Weight: 5.6 oz

    2. Dimensions: 

    • 3.5 inch (90mm) lens: 3X zoom

    • 3X lens focal length: 4.5″

    • 2 inch (50mm) lens: 5X zoom

    • 5X lens focal length: 2.3″

    • 1 handle: 4" long



    • 2 x Interchangeable Lenses: 3X and 5X

    • 1 x Black/White Handle

    • 1 x Premium Microfleece Drawstring Pouch

    • 1 x Lens Cleaning Cloth 

    • 1 x English Manual

    • 1 x Giftable Box


      Setting Up:

      1. There are two buttons, one on each side of the handle. To remove the current lens, depress both buttons at the same time while pulling the lens out.
      2. Choose between the included 3X or 5.5X lenses. Push the lens into the handle until you hear a click. The lens is now secured onto the handle


      1. Hold the magnifier directly above the object you would like to examine.
      2. Slowly move the magnifier closer to your eyes (further from the object), until the image is big and clear.

      LED Lights:

      1. Ensure 3 AAA batteries (not included) are installed in the handle.
      2. Push the button on the front of the handle UP to turn the lights on.
      3. Pull the button DOWN to turn the lights off.
      Q: The light flickers when turned on. What should I do?

      A: If the light is flickering or does not turn on, check the batteries or try inserting new ones. If the issue still occurs, it might be that you have received a defective unit. In such case, please contact our Support Team, they will solve the problem right away.

      Q: The image is upside down. Is my magnifier defective?

      A: All strong magnifiers have this tendency of rotating the image upside down if they are not held close enough to the object. Try holding it at 1-2 inches distance and then slowly pulling it away until you get a clear image.

      Q: How do I focus my loupe?

      A: First, place the loupe directly onto the object (or it may go inside the clear plastic if it is a small object, like a ring). Slowly turn the black part of your magnifier counter-clockwise until you get a clear focused image.

      Q: There are scratches on my new magnifier. What should I do?

      A: Please make sure that the protective film has been removed. If it is still there, it may give the illusion of scratches. Otherwise, we will send a replacement unit to you free of charge if this product is in fact damaged.

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