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Trifold Compact Magnifying Mirror - 1X 2X 5X Magnification

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  • Innovative three way trifold compact mirror gives you the freedom to view hard-to-see areas on your face
  • Large 3 inch wide mirrors with a slim elegant body that's only 0.6" thick. Fits in any purse or pocket
  • 1X normal mirror for true to life view, 2X magnifying mirror for applying make up, and 5X zoom for close up detail work such as tweezing
  • Distortion-free optical glass mirror perfect as a travel companion for any woman | Comes in a Giftable Box

This sleek, modern mirror is small enough to go anywhere, yet powerful enough to allow makeup application without eyeglasses. Inside you'll find a foldable three-panel glass mirror, clear from edge-to-edge with no distortion. Our optically correct magnifying mirrors comes with 1X (normal), 2X, and 5X magnification.

This super handy, black Magnifying Mirror is great for any precision tasks, from tweezing to makeup application to contact lens insertion.

- 1X normal view mirror is ideal for make up application and obtaining a fuller view of your face.
- 2X magnifying mirror enables you to focus on one particular area of the face when applying your makeup, such as eyeliner application.
- 5X magnification is excellent for seeing details up close. The mirror's large diameter allows you to see an entire eye, eyebrow, or mouth.
- It fits in your hand but also stays open when resting on a table. You can even use it as a hands free tabletop mirror

Our innovative 3 way trifold design allows you to view hard-to-see areas such as the side of your face, your ears, etc.

The perfect companion for any woman. Portable, practical, and small enough to fit in any purse, making this perfect for home or travel use.

- Body: 88mm (3 1/2") diameter, 16mm (3/5") thick
- 1X Mirror: 65 mm (2.5") diameter
- 2X Mirror: 71 mm (2.8") diameter
- 5X Mirror: 70 mm (2.7") diameter