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Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer with LCD Display, Wet/Dry

Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer with LCD Display, Wet/Dry

$ 29.99

Getting rid of nose and ear hair isn’t exactly something we are excited to do. We were determined to change that mentality with our new and improved Fancii Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer with LCD display. Pain free trimming with a modern and sophisticated design will insure your nose and ear hairs stay at bay and keep you looking fresh. The easy to read dynamic LCD screen displays battery level and device lock information while still maintaining its IPX- 6 water resistant design.
Our advanced dual-edge blades easily and comfortably trim unwanted nose and ear hair. The improved rotary blade system uses cyclone blade action for quick and efficient trimming – say goodbye to pain or pulling sensation!

The curved, hypo-allergenic blades feature stainless steel construction for long-lasting sharpness, offering a clean smooth cut every time. Each trimmer is equipped with a safety cone, which guides the hair into the blades without the blade ever coming in contact with your skin.

The innovative, built-in LCD screen provides dynamic visualization of the battery level and device lock status. Easily see your device’s battery level and ensure that it is safely locked when traveling. You never have to worry about your trimmer running out of battery when you most needed again!

Premium matte finish, non-slip body with ergonomic contour for maximum control and comfort.

Full body IPX-6 water resistant design allows for both wet and dry trimming - trims in the shower or trims dry anywhere, anytime.

Stainless steel blade head for easy wet/dry cleaning. Simply detach the head and rinse under the facet after use.

The lightweight design allows for the portability you need to trim your hair at home or while on the go. Comes with a premium leather storage pouch for added protection.

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