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Replacement Nail Drill Bits

Replacement Nail Drill Bits

$ 9.99

5 detachable replacement nail drill bits for Fancii ProCare Manicure/Pedicure System
Fancii replacement nail drill bits for ProCare Manicure and Pedicure System 

5 interchangeable head attachments:

• Sandpaper grinder: Quickly and effectively files the nail edge into the shape you desire. Shorten your thick nails easily! 
• Chromium corundum grinder: To smooth, shine and grind down the edge of your nails.
• White corundum grinder (cone): Polishes the nail surface for a smooth finish.
• Carborundum grinder: Removes the dead skin cells around your nail’s edge. Also used to remove calluses and to push back the nail cuticle.
• Felt grinder: Polishes your nail for an impeccable and shiny finish. This allows for the easier application of nail polish.

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