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Tria - Trifold Vanity Mirror, 1x/5x/10x

Tria - Trifold Vanity Mirror, 1x/5x/10x

$ 45.99

  • Natural Daylight LEDs - 2x brighter and softer illumination than similar models. 34 built-in dimmable LEDs closely mimic soft, natural sunlight providing you with true-to-life color-correct details.
  • Wide Viewing Area - 3-panel ultra-reflective mirrors provide multiple viewing angles, so you always look (and feel) your very best! 180° rotation, fully adjustable to any desired position.
  • Exceptional Clarity - Our premium quality, distortion-free glass is ideal for creating flawless makeup looks and hair styles while the 5x and 10x magnifications are perfect for close-up and detailed work.
  • Travel Ready - Mirror stands 11.5" tall and 13" wide, mounted to a detachable cosmetic organizer base for storage of your makeup, jewelry, and more! Three panel mirror easily folds for ultimate portability.
  • Dual Power - Energy-saving smart LED lights turns off automatically after 30 minutes; powered by an included USB cable or 4 AA batteries.

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